We help you to find your true self by unblocking any stuck situation that stops you from moving forward

Make a free check up, if we are able to help you. Then we offer you a free aura reading and give you an overview about and for your situation

  • You feel life is exhausting and a big challenge?
  • You have important desicion to make and you wish more clarity for your situation?
  • You wish to give your life a sense, but you dont know what your sense or life mission is?
  • You wish to change your life immedeately, but you have no idea where or how to start?
  • You are struggeling with self doubt or low self esteem? You just wish to find yourself and feel more confident?

If you struggle with one or more of the given examples, we are able to help you


Energy healer & spiritual teacher

I help clean & align your auric energy field. I teach you to heal old wounds from the past.


Psychic Medium & spirit teacher

I see your aura, true calling & inner blockages. I guide you to move forward on your path

"I know Leela for a while and she already helped me with several struggles i had in the past. She always cares for me and really listens when i speak about my struggles.

With Sam i felt really comfortale. Her messages where highly precised and crystal clear. I am glad for her truth. She gave me answers to questions i was questioning a long time ago. After the consultation i had clarity and knew what to do

I can highly recommand Leela and Sam if you search love, if you want to find yourself or if you want to be more connected with yourself. They work in a very lovely, caring, passionate, dedicated way. They are very crystal clear and they both give all their heart into this work. I am so grateful and thankful to them"


35, from Switzerland


3 Steps to find your authentic self

"the more you heal, the closer you come to your true self"

Find The Root cause of your issue

- finding hidden blocks & missing "ingredients"

- learn how to heal and solute challenges

clear your path

- heal old wounds

- transforming stuck patters and limiting believes

Discover your true self

- we help you to take the most important last healing step to free your true self

- step into your true power & let yourself shine

Praise and Testimonials for Leela

Sabrina from Germany

I experienced Leela`s healing abilities and her strong intuition in nature. I felt immediately comfortable with her and well taken care of. I trusted her easily and could allow her work to happen. She exactly knows what she does and is in close contact with her higher self & spirit team. I thank Leela from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much for your help, Leela.

A second time you created a miracle for me! 

Benjamin from Germany

Leela is the prefect example of how we can all be with one another! My healing session with her was so amazing too say the least.... her energy healing lifted me up too a new height, you really can feel the engery working! God blessed her with a truly devine beautiful gift....I also found leela too be very sweet and kind and put me totally at peace, by explaining what she was going to do before she started her healing engery work....I found her very professional in her line of work also! Leela is a real shinning star bless her heart... But don't take my word for it, please go and give it a try for yourself, you will be so amazed by what she can give you! and you will feel so much better and happy within yourself after her wonderful healing....I wish her all the success in her work that god already has planned for her thank you leela for making me feel so special love and peace Becky from the uk x

Becky from the UK

They say that "everyone comes into your life for a reason" and that couldn't be more true about meeting Leela: a kind, talented and beautiful soul. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her healing work to help me recover from an extremely traumatic energetic attack. Leela immediately identified the problem and gave a name to what I was experiencing. She then helped me walk to a peaceful place, and spent 2 hours working on releasing and healing the energetic wounds. This was my first experience with an energy worker. As I was curled up on the floor sobbing non-stop from the pain, she calmly worked on one area after the next until I could finally straighten my body. My tears stopped. I was able to stand up and went to the bathroom to clean my face, expecting to see the worse...red, puffy eyes, ashen skin...but I looked radiant and peaceful!

 I honestly don't know what would have happened to me if Leela was not there. She is pure light and magic, and I am so very honored to have the opportunity to write my story. Thank you so much Leela! The world is so lucky to have such a healer as you in our midst.

Rachel From the USa

Praise and Testimonials for Sam

Sam you are an absolute legend. You made me understand so much of what has being going on in my life and why they occured. I feel so much more enlightend. Look forward to many more readings. Amazing reader. Accurate and specific. No prompts needed. This amazing lady will clear all your problems and help you understand the true meaninng to your life xxxxx

Limz from the UK

Such a beautiful kind spirit. Left me hope and light in my heart. Thank you for a wonderful reading though and i will be sure to  let you know about my "baby"

Christopher from the UK

Sam was able to provide me with a accurate picture of my current situation. Comforting and very reassuring. I would definetely ask her again

B.W. From the UK